6700 Middle Fiskville Road (in the Bridge Center of Austin)

The club meets every Sunday night. Doors open at 6:00pm, games start at 6:30pm.

Membership is free of charge for the foreseeable future. Thanks to all who support our club and Austin chess in general!

We have offhand chess in our skittles room! Feel free to drop by during the evening if you would like to play casual games and/or observe the current event in progress.

Entries for events are accepted on the first night of the scheduled event on site at the club, 6:00pm to 6:25pm. We accept cash (please attempt to bring exact change), checks (make out to Drew Sarkisian), or credit cards. Online entries are also accepted (see online entry links for individual events). Please use online entries whenever possible to speed up the entry process the first night of a new tournament. Late entries are encouraged to enter online as well. If you have any questions / issues please send email to austinchessclub@gmail.com.

New players, please note: Swiss system events are NOT elimination events! You most likely will still get to play the next round even if you lost the previous round!

Be considerate of your fellow chess players during our standard Swisses! Email austinchessclub@gmail.com as soon as you know you need a bye for a round (cutoff time is 10:00am Sunday of the round). Even if you miss the cutoff, let us know as soon as possible. Thanks!

Send email to austinchessclub@gmail.com with generic queries about the club. Phone inquiries will not be answered. If you need to speak to us about an already scheduled game and time is of the essence, please call (512) 318-1881. If no one answers, leave a detailed message. Thank you.

Club Has Reopened!

Please note: Face masks are not mandatory, but please wear one if it makes you feel more comfortable.
If you have a cold/fever or have been around someone who has had a cold/fever, please stay home.
As adults, we expect you to take commonsense precautions...thanks!

Also note: The Bridge Club has cleared out all drinks/food from the premises, so if you
envision needing a drink or snack, please bring your own.

July 3-5
5th Austin Summer Open has been cancelled.
Look here for refunds for folks who pre-registered.
May 31
May G/24 Quick-rated Swiss

Well, didn't happen. Expect it might take a while for folks to get used to attending...

June 7
June G/24 Quick-rated Swiss

Well, didn't happen again. A few more people, but still slow. We'll keep trying...

June 14
June G/24 Unrated Quick Swiss #2
Much better turnout! Results coming soon.
June 21, 28, July 5, 12 Four round Swiss System event, G/90 with 30 sec. inc. per move.
Single section, accelerated pairings.
EF: $20.00. Only online entries accepted by 10:00am the 28th!
Reminder: USCF membership required.
Click here to enter.
July 19
July G/24 Quick-rated Swiss
Three Round Swiss System event, G/24 with 5 sec. delay per move.
Sections determined by turnout.
EF: $10.00. Reminder: USCF membership required.
Online entries click here.
25% of entry fees returned as prizes unless otherwise noted.
USCF membership required for all events unless otherwise noted.
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