6700 Middle Fiskville Road (in the Bridge Center of Austin)
Club is Closed until Further Notice

The Board of the Bridge Center has decided that only persons who are vaccinated may use the Bridge Center, requiring proof of vaccination for any in attendance.

We offered to ask folks who are not vaccinated to wear masks. No idea why this would not be sufficient, but they are forcing this policy on all of their renters (various local Bridge organizations as well as us) that use the Center. No counter proposal, no compromise.

No club officer is willing to enforce this policy. Some authorities feel this is actually not legal. Rather not get the Austin Chess Club involved in litigation...

Please note that members of the club are actively working on multiple solutions simultaneously:

    The Bridge Center and the Chess Club could come to some accommodation and meetings will resume relatively soon,
    The Chess Club finds an alternate place to meet temporarily and we return to the Bridge Center sometime in the (hopefully near) future,
    The Chess Club finds a new permanent home.

All are real possibilities. The Chess Club's popularity is at a high point right now, and enough people are interested in keeping it alive and well to be optimistic.

We'll post updates to our situation as they happen.

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April 25 Three round Swiss System event.
Game in 24 min. with 5 sec. delay per move.
May 2, 9, 16, 23 Four round Swiss System event.
Game in 90 min. with 30 sec inc. per move.
May 30 Three round Swiss System event.
Game in 24 min. with 5 sec. delay per move.
25% of entry fees returned as prizes unless otherwise noted.
USCF membership required for all events unless otherwise noted.
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