Thanks for supporting Austin Chess!

Wanted to thank the following folks for help during setup: Daniel Balkum, Lori Balkum, Stephen Balkum, Michael Langer, Drew Sarkisian, Nick Silver and Baris Turgut.

Teardown was performed in record time with the help of Daniel Balkum, Lori Balkum, Stephen Balkum, Sarah Brauner, James Connaughton, David Giammaula, Jakob Infuehr, Adam Kriz, Michael Langer, Dominic Marro, Drew Sarkisian, Nick Silver, Baris Turgut.

Thanks to TDs Alexander Balkum and Alex Relyea for helping out with TD duties.

Special thanks to Lori Balkum, without whom these events would not be possible.

Finally, thanks to all the folks who offered to help with water, trash, etc.!

Apologies for missing anybody.